Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Words of Wisdom

A friend and I were recently in a wedding of mutual friend from college. The ceremony was romantic, the food was great, and the cake was delicious. (I may have used my bridesmaid card to get three pieces of cake- but that's better than any alternative I may have used to get three pieces of cake). All in all, it was a picture perfect wedding.
Except for this picture.... but you can't win them all.

I've been to a lot of weddings, and most of them fit the description above so you can imagine my surprise when an unhappy bride and groom (from another wedding) got on the elevator with my friend and me at the end of the night.

We saw them approaching the elevator and held the doors with big smiles and a few congratulations.

"Yeah.... thanks..." the bride responded.

The groom fumbled with the room key and let out a long sigh when he finally got it to make the elevator work and pushed the button for the third floor.

The bride looked--- "We just had an "oh shit" moment in the car."

I asked what she meant.

"Like we just realized we actually did this. It just hit us that we are married."

They both looked at us with eyes that screamed for help and I tried to make the best "Are you dumb?" face I could in return.

The elevator opened on the third floor and my friend, always the optimist, wished them a good night.

The groom clenched his teeth and said "Yeah- I may go jump out of the window now."

As the door started to close, I processed what he said, and immediately let him know that he may want to take the elevator to the top floor because jumping from the third floor wasn't going to do much.

The doors closed and my friend looked at me.

I looked back. "What?"

"Leila, you do realize you just gave that groom advice on how to kill himself."

"Well- he needed it. Jumping from the third floor is only going to break a leg or make him sore. It's not going to do much damage. And then he would have to deal with his bride after. And with all of these Halloween parties going on tonight- the EMS does not need to deal with some dumb groom with a broken leg."

My friend shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, "well at least you're thinking at a macro level here...."