About Moi

I like sunsets, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.

I like eating things out of bowls. Except for cereal. I eat cereal out of mugs.

One time I got a migraine because I got overly excited for a major sale on ruelala. Turns out someone screwed up and the prices were not correct, so I didn't end up getting four formal gowns for 19 dollars.

I don't ever really have a reason to wear a formal gown.

I won't ever pass up an opportunity for a dance party. In fact, when you've gotten a text invite from me for a "pants down dance party," you know you're about to have fun. (Pants down not actually required- but if you want, it's allowed). 

I am southern. But do not call me a Southern Belle. I am not that. Unless Southern Belles are girls from the south that think farts and burps are funny- if so, then I am a Southern Belle.

I love New Orleans.

And, despite what I tell you, I probably am a cat lady.

Thanks for reading. May your road go on forever and the party never end.