Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fresh Fish!

I had a great English teacher in high school. She was no-nonsense and had a very dry sense of humor. When I was in school, she definitely had a few (three-four) decades under her belt. She's still there- which means that she's been teaching for at least 75 years. (I said I had a great English teacher, not Math teacher). Anyway, nothing tickled her fancy more than calling one of her students out when we made a dumb mistake. She would announce that she had a "Fresh Fish" to award and would tell the whole class who the moron of the day was and present them with a button with an image of a 'fresh fish.' (She wouldn't say moron of the day- but she should have). I think she felt like she lived in this cartoon:

One day in class, she started with the announcement of a fresh fish. I smugly looked around to figure out who the dumbass was. She made her way across the room and handed me a button. What?!? That has to be a mistake. We were studying Emerson in class and had discussed the "Concord Hymn" and then had to write about it. Apparently I understood the meaning, but failed to actually ever read the title because my write up was about the "Conquered Hymn." I had been to Massachusetts once and the word Concord rung up images of grape jelly and not a small town in Mass. We all got a chuckle at my expense and I proudly put the button on my back pack.

Recently at work, I kind of wished I could award myself a fresh fish. I was working on moving a lot of documents from one online system to another. I downloaded all of the documents, printed them out, went downstairs to the scanner, and scanned them to myself. It wasn't until half way back upstairs that I realized how much of a waste of paper and time I had just killed. I printed out documents from my computer to put onto my computer. The whole transferring documents to an online system is a new thing for me but I guarantee you I won't make that mistake again- just like it took me only one attempt at trying to rewind a DVD for me to realize the benefits of the new technology.

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  1. Haha that is definitely fresh fish worthy - but, something someone in my office would probably ask me to do.

    Doc Walsh should totally start a Fresh Fish blog where she calls out stupid things people have said across the internet!