Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quirks from the road

My coworkers and I travel a lot during the fall and we all have stories we can tell about our great road running adventures. We have all had at least one moment (a day??) where our outlook has betrayed us by switching our appointments to a different time zone or where we get a call or text obnoxiously late or early from some other time zone (PEOPLE- I AM ON WEST COAST TIME. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE HAD YOUR LIFE IN ORDER FOR LIKE TWO HOURS DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE.... also, sorry, coworker, for calling you at midnight East coast time-- it was only 9 my time).

We have all been at the point where we roll over in the dark to find the alarm, slam it off, get up, scratch whatever needs scratching and make our way over to the window to throw open the shades to get a view of whatever office park, parking garage, or lame intersection our room faces- just so we can remember exactly where we are.

We entertain each other with "tales from the road," stories about showing up to the airport way too early (foiled by different time zones again) or late (damn you, time zones); recaps on throwing our keys away with our trash and what it was like to dig through the dumpster at the Embassy Suites for an hour; or run downs on what type of rental cars we got and jealous grunts when someone reveals the sweet ride they snagged on their trip. Ahhhh yes, life on the road.

Fortunately/Unfortunately/Fortunately/Unfortunately, Tunately, I didn't have any major happenings to report on during my last trip. My adventures were kind of lame. I ate "chicken" at a Vegetarian restaurant. (I have no idea what it was if it wasn't chicken, but I am still flabbergasted at how far veganology has come.); I took a lot of pictures of the leaves changing colors, and I apparently ordered a bunch of shower caps. On the last night on the road I went back to my room to be greeted by a frantic hotel employee. He was knocking on my door as I walked up. A huge smile of relief spread across his face. "FOR THE SHOWER!!!," he barked as he thrust the shower caps in my hand. "WEVE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOU!!!" and off he went. I had not been to my room in hours and... oh yeah... HAD NEVER USED A SHOWER CAP IN MY LIFE, so was a little confused about why I was suddenly holding four of them. I shrugged, went into my room, and immediately started wondering which room the person with the shower cap necessary hair was camping out in..... And if they would let me touch that mystifying hair. 

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