Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opinions are like a-holes....

And everybody has them. Especially me. And lots of them. And today, on my 27th birthday, I figured my present to everyone can be more Leila. And I am sure you will all thank me tremendously later. And if you don't like what you read, then move on...

The past weekend I was in Memphis to celebrate my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary (which is incredible if you think about it. There are few people I would want to make the 6 hour drive to Memphis with, much less talk to every day for 60 years). Anyway, while in Memphis, I discovered a new beverage of choice... gin and juice! Apparently, Snoop Dogg really knew WTF he was talking about. Except I always pictured his juice as the really red tongue staining kind, but the juice I decided to sip on was grapefruit. And mixed with gin- it was DELICIOUS.

So, last night, to get my birthday celebration started (as it usually last at least 3-4 days), I enjoyed my new libation of choice with a wonderful dinner: french fries fried in goose fat and a chocolate lava cake. This morning, to continue my celebration of another year in adultdom, I had Ben and Jerry's ice cream for breakfast and took a few swigs of Diet Coke straight from the the two liter bottle (sorry Dan!).

I think I decided... instead of being depressed about getting older, I should appreciate the opportunity that comes with it. For some, that means mortgages, or kids. For me, for right now, that means drankin and eatin whatever I damn please (and then of course working my ass of at the gym to get rid of the guilt... but its all worth it).

So: Here's to me. My friends. My family. My cat (even though she hates me). My school. My city. My state. And another wonderful year.

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