Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today, my parents celebrate 30 years of marital bliss!

I called my dad this morning to check in (and forgot to wish him Happy Anniversary- which he reminded me to do).

Since I was a bad daughter on the phone, I figured I could make it up through the internet. That's more legitimate and sincere, anyway- right? It's not like people just "like" stuff on facebook all willy-nillly- I mean the internet is where you can express serious thoughts and emotions and where people will really take time to digest what you are saying.

So- here goes.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful, loving, sometimes whacky parents. Without y'all- I would probably only have 40 blog posts instead of 70. (OK- well, I wouldn't have any given that it took you to make me- but you know what I am saying). I am really glad the combination of vodka, fireworks, and America's birthday on that magical night in July in 1983 resulted in me coming into the world. (What's that- you don't know when you were conceived? Why not- that's a totally normal, not weird conversation to have with your parents).

Thank you for all the times you let my friends hang out at our house after football games in high school. Thank you for hosting the after-prom breakfast Junior and Senior year. Thank you for making sure I always have a cake on my birthday (except for this year- what's up with that!?), and for answering my phone calls even when you know it means you will have to listen to me bitch ad nauseum for the latest thing that has pissed me off.

Me: You know what pisses me off?
You: Everything?

Thank you for the candy on Valentine's day and on Easter. Y'all really do know the way to this girls heart. Thank you for your continuous support of me and each other. Y'all have laid a great foundation for me and I hope that one day my kids will be congratulating me and my husband on our anniversary.

Congratulations on making it this far. Y'all should be very proud. I know that times can get tough, but ultimately you should remember the basics of your love:
Momma- you married a man who likes to dance, adores The Three Stooges, likes telling jokes, is an endless source of trivia, and will always be the life of the party.
Daddy- you married a woman who can stop traffic by lifting one eyebrow, can fart on command, will always be adored by kids (even if she does make them cry), can make meals that put Martha Stewart to shame, and probably will always beat us at cards or Mah-jong.

Happy 30th!

Thanks again for providing me with material:

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