Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm a terrible kitty momma

If you are one of my 17 trustful followers, you already know about my cat Sophie. She's mean, she's chubby, and, unless you are one of a select few, she doesn't like you.

Lately she has been driving me NUTS. She's always been a chatty Cathy (her talkative manner is what saved her- she meowed until she was found), but in the past few days she has not shut up. She has been especially noisy at night when I am about to fall asleep. She gets going around 9:00 at night and no amount of "Sophie- PUT A SOCK IN IT" will quell her.

On top of the excessive yammering, she has also been slightly more aggressive. She attacked me from behind the other day as I left the kitchen. I was neither impressed nor amused.

All of her unusual behavior was instantly explained to me this morning.


Right before I left the house, I poured her some more food. I'd noticed that the kibbles I had been giving her were bigger but had regret to notice the DOG on the bag I was pouring from.

I've been feeding my mean cat dog food.

In a rush of shame and embarrassment, I dumped her food out and found the correct bag of food. She went to town on the cat food. Apparently the people at Purina know what they are doing.

*Just in case you are wondering- no, I do not just keep different pet food around my house. My parents recently visited with their dogs and left the bag of food. Apparently it is a totally different color from the cat food. I just had not thought about the fact that I had two bags of food laying around for two different types of animals.

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