Friday, March 23, 2012

May the memory live on forever..

My maternal grandmother passed away a few years ago. The night before the funeral, the entire family went out to eat together. As the meal was winding down, we begin sharing memorable stories about Granny. We talked about favorite memories that included visits to her apartment complex, the family size bag of M and M's that she always had waiting for us, and family reunions where she made quite a splash. (Literally- she fell off of a dock while holding my aunt's camcorder. It was America's Funniest Home Videos worthy).

My Granny's best friend, Betty, was at dinner with us. The two had been friends for decades and over the years, everyone in our family got to know Betty really well. During the stroll down memory lane, Betty told us a story that none of us had heard before. She said that she and Granny would often rent videos on the weekends. One weekend, in a nostalgic mood, they brought home "Casablanca." They started the tape and within a few moments they realized they were not watching "Casablanca" at all. Someone, with great foresight, had slipped a porno into the "Casablanca" box and my grandmother and her best friend fell victim. Through a room full of laughs, someone asked Betty if they watched it. She answered straight faced:

"Oh yeah- Katie even insisted we watch it a second time. I guess she liked it."

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