Monday, November 28, 2011

A Close Look at a Full Moon

In high school, I ran with a group of friends that did everything together. After school or football games, we would crash at my house and hang out. Being the teenage boys that they were, my guy friends found "mooning" simply hilarious (which I can agree with...). One of the boys, however, took more pride in showing his butt than a BBQ joint owner does in his ribs. D. would drop his pants given any opportunity or inopportunity- including the time he mooned the entire B-building because he saw us looking out of the window at him. He didn't consider that a teacher might look out of their window and not be too thrilled and storm onto the baseball team's bus and give him a detention. It's hard to have foresight when you're eagerly showing off your rear end to half of a high school.

D also took pride in mooning small groups of people, or two people, or maybe just a person. He did not discriminate when it came to how many people should see his butt.

He really took advantage of the small group situation one day at my house. There were a few of us hanging out in the den, which has two glass doors that lead to the patio. D went out the other door and surprised us by jumping in front of one of the glass doors and pushing his cheeks as hard as he could to the glass. Nothing better than a smooshed moon.... We all got a chuckle out of it (I think he did more than everyone else) and moved onto the next stupid thing or conversation or whatever it is that we did when we were in high school.

A few hours later, after my friends left, my mom got home from work. I was in the other room watching TV when I heard her call my name. "Leilaaaaaaa- what is this?" Not wanting to get off of the couch, I hoped a quick 'what' would make her move on. It didn't. "This- come see." Groaning, I walked into the room with the glass doors. "What????" "This!!" she said and pointed to one of the doors. I immediately saw it but pretended I didn't. "What are you talking about?" "Whose ass cheeks are on my door?" There were two round, slightly greasy spots that were the unmistakable imprint of butt. I couldn't help but laugh as I answered her. She couldn't help but laugh as she handed me the Windex and paper towels. "Have fun cleaning ass off of my door," she said as she walked out of the room.

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