Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just in case the dinasours come...

I've told you about my friend, KTO before. She is a life long friend of mine with whom I have shared many memories. She's gone on several family vacations with my parents and me (lucky her....), most of which were to the beach.

During one such trip, we had to take two cars and Katie and I ended up riding with my Dad. He had an SUV and biceps (which are directly related to "getting" to deal with the luggage), so had most of the trip's necessities in his car. Beyond the basic clothes and toiletries- we were also loaded down with a week's worth of food. My parents' beach philosophy is:

You're at the beach. If you're hungry, go make yourself a sandwich or whatever. Don't ask for my help. I am currently at the beach. I will be sitting right here if you cut a finger off or something but there is no reason why I need to go up there to make you're lunch. No- we are not going out to eat for lunch. We are at the beach. Snack? I don't know- I am sure we have something. Go look.

This might sound harsh- but I was in high school at this point. If I couldn't put some peanut butter on two pieces of bread, we had bigger problems.

So- back to the point- Katie and I were in the car with my dad, with all of the luggage and good beach food (for all of those DIY lunches). We were chatting away when we hit a lull in the conversation at which point Katie looked up and said "At least we have all of the food- you know? In case we end up with the dinosaurs or something."




"Uhhhhhhh..... WHAT!?"

Katie then explained to me that she always had the "Land of the Lost" in the back of her head- and was happy to know that in case the ground opened up and sent us hurling through time, we would at least have some rations to get started with.


I was pretty sure what WE were going to eat if a pot hole in the interstate sent us to the Triassic period was irrelevant, but was intrigued none the less. So much so that I am blogging about it 13 years later.

Well done, KTO. Well done. You're right- at least we had the food. And each other? Except I would give y'all up before I let a T-rex get my peanut butter. Don't take it personally.

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