Sunday, August 28, 2011

Herppy Mernday!

Please let me introduce you to the best "word game" ever. If you are ever in a silly mood, and are hanging out with people that have a sense of humor- this will entertain you for hours. You simply add the "er" sound to each and every word you are saying. I will go ahead and give you some examples:
  • Road rage, immediately diffused:
    • "God Honda- why can't you pick a lane!?"
    • "Gerd Hernda- whery cernt yer perck er lern!?"
  • Guy at bar repellant:
    • "No thanks, I already have a drink."
    • "Ner thernks, Er erlready herve er drernk."
  • Liven up basic conversation:
    • "Hello, how was your weekend?"
    • "Herllo, her wers yer werkend?"
Still don't get it? Let me provide you with one of the best sentences said using the "er" accent. I was watching a Harry Potter movie*- the one where Ron is starting to feel his teen hormones kicking in and sneaks off to another part of the castle with a girl- and my friend looked at me and whispered "Theyre gerna der it in the turret!" Perfect.

Now that you are fluent in Leila language, please spread the knowledge to anyone who is willing to listen (or to people that you can physically over power... just tie those people up and make them learn). 

*I have recently started scanning my growing collection of posts and realized that I a) mention sea creatures, b) reference some dorky sci-fi movie or movies based on magic or c) talk about my obsession with food in pretty much every post (in some, I do more than one). Think what you would like of me, but I would like my loyal readers to know that 50% 40% 30% of my day to day operations are not based on one of those three topics. When I do achieve my destined cat lady status, this percentage might change. I mean- dream big or go home, right.... gotta have something to look forward to?

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